Office of the Chancellor

Full Name: Seyed Hadi Mohammadi

            Field of Study: Law

            Phone No.: 02136726006

            Fax No.: 02136724767


   _Description of Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Taking orders and schedules from the chancellor
  2. Preparing a list of those who ask for a meeting with the chancellor, and setting the hours of the meetings
  3. Preparing the archives and the files relating to commissions and meetings held in the office of the chancellor
  4. Coordinating with those who attend the commissions and the meetings held in the office of the chancellor
  5. Guiding the clients and leading them to different departments
  6. Making appointments for the clients who want to see the chancellor
  7. Preparing the drafts of some official letters for the chancellor, if necessary
  8. Typing the drafts, letters and reports, if necessary
  9. Receiving the letters relating to the chancellor and sending them to the other departments in the university
  10. Receiving the official letters from Central Organization and sending them through Electronic Correspondence Exchange (ECE)