Vice for Administrative and Financial Affairs

            Full Name: Gholamhasan Mohabbati

            Field of Study: accountancy

            Degree: M.A

            Phone No.: 02136726950


  1. About Vice Presidency:

This vice presidency, as a strategic one at the university, supports and leads different departments in order to achieve the goals of the branch. Regarding the limits mentioned in the statue and the other related rules, it controls and coordinates all the affairs relating to employment, administration, finance, transactions and provision.

  1. Major Goals:

_ Expediting the procedures and the activities

_Improving the staff productivity

_Keeping a positive balance between resources and consumptions

  1. Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

_Reporting the rules, laws and approvals of Central Organization and supervising the way of executing them

_Controlling all the organizational affairs under supervision in related fields

_Organizing the related activities and division of labor, and determining the duties of the administrators and authorities under supervision

_Supervising the execution of the approved budget and expressing their expert opinions

_Reporting the rules of finance, tax, transaction, administration and employment to the managements under supervision

_organizing the preparation of the reports relating to the annual balance sheet of the university and presenting them to Central Organization

_Controlling the performance of the staff and the employees

_Signing the checks and accounting documents prepared by financial affairs, and all the other types of worthy documents in respect of the duties assigned by the chancellor

_Preparing different types of reports about the corresponding staff’s activities for the chancellor

_Investigating and determining the salaries and benefits of the staff

_Controlling and supervising the affairs of the retiree

_ Investigating the welfare plans of the staff and determining the priorities

_ Investigating the disciplinary issues of the staff

_Pursuing whatever brought up in primary board and board of appeals in Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

_Attending different commissions, meetings and seminars, and preparing required reports for the chancellor

_Deciding on the policies and supervising the way they are executed

_Organizing the system of financial incentives and allocating extra fees in different departments the university branch